About Blaaqbox Films

Founded March 01, or 2014. Blaaqbox Company Mission is to?

Blaaqbox Films is a filming and production company specializing in creating thought provoking inspirational, and entertaining content. From short films, promo- videos, commercials, to full length feature films. The culture at Blaaqbox films is a culture of priding ourselves on our creative ability and knowledge of brining great stories to life in a cinematic manner. When entertainment is no longer entertaining, and you are not getting the inspirational thought provoking, life chaning content you desire, the only logical thing left to do is to create it yourself. We believe everyone has a story, work with us at Blaaqbox Films to make yours worth telling. We are an innovative content producing, prodution house which is taking movies, films, commercials, promos, VR\AR and many other visual formats, or entertainment to its heights.